Design principles to enhance your Social media post

Among all the types of social media posts, Static image content is by far the most popular option. It grabs attention better than a text post and It is much quicker and easier to create than a video. It is a cut-throat competition and the best way to stand out is attractive and smart design. Let’s talk about some of the basic principles that might come handy in creating a sensational post.


Each design element, like text, shape or color in a social media post, has a weight attached to it. When there are multiple elements, it is the principle of balance that gives the composition a bit of stability and some aesthetics. To create an appealing post you need both technique and intuition, the latter will come with experience. So you should start with technique and get inspired with existing designs

The 3 main types of balance are symmetry, asymmetry and radial balance.

  • Symmetrical balance is equally balanced on both sides of a median line. Suitable for a formal or bulky content.
  • Asymmetrical balance happens when several opposing weights are used to balance a bigger element. It can be used for informal and creative content.
  • Radial balance is where there is a central focus on one element in the middle and other smaller elements around it.

Space (White space)

The Yin Yan

Avoid having posts that are too compressed and bulky. The attention span of a reader is only for a couple of seconds. If it takes more than that to read a post, the chances are that most readers will just skip it. People often tend to put as much information as possible on a post. Space is perhaps what makes design theory so intriguing. Space is omnipresent but still goes unnoticed, like good design.

Space can be used for:

  • highlighting one object
  • separating objects
  • reduce clutter
  • enhance readability (typography)

Like space in music creates rhythm, it also creates rhythm in a composition. The interval between elements is used as an eye rest. Space also conveys the feeling of quality and luxury, used extensively by the Apple brand.

Can also be used to show cleanliness, solitude, purity, openness, spirituality and calmness.


Hierarchy is used to designate the importance of a certain element in relation to other elements in the design. It is very important especially when the design is bulky, it indicates the reader where to start reading and where to end.

For example in a typical social media post, the first thing a reader will look at is the picture, which usually shows the topic of the post. Then the title, subtitle and finally the body text. Hierarchy helps the reader to digest the information easier.

Unity (grouping)

Unity is the principle when several objects in a composition shares one similar element that relate them to each other. When the objects in a composition is unified even partially, it is easier for the reader to digest the information. For example if the objects have all the same color, let say blue. Now if we add a set of yellow objects, the eye will automatically group them separately even they are not grouped spatially in the composition.

That’s it for now, part 2 is next.

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